Contre Jour Online

Contre Jour is a fun puzzle game. Access the website of Contre Jour, to play online and meet Petit, a strange little character who must collect light

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The web version of Contre Jour is available to be played online in Internet Explorer. Access Contre Jour to have fun while helping Petit pick up the little lights along the way and reaching the bigger light source.

Modify the terrain and use scenario objects.

The adaptation of Contre Jour to the web is a great demonstration of the possibilities of HTML5 on the Internet Explorer browser. Do not miss the opportunity to try out this fun puzzle game.

How to play Contre Jour

The goal in Contre Jour is to reach a larger source of light. This requires that you to roll Petit around the stage, but also push, catapult or balance him with the other items you find. Interact with the scenery objects to mobilize the character.

Access the Contre Jour webapp from Microsoft's browser and discover the fascinating levels of this addictive puzzle game.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Compatible with IE9 or above and browsers that support HTML5.
  • Levels with tactile handling are reserved for IE10 on devices with touch capabilities.
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