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Control Kids will put a limit to the websites that you children visit. Download Control Kids to find out what websites they visit and what they write

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Internet has grown at great steps in last few years, but at the same time that it includes all kinds of information that can come in very handy for children when it comes to studying, it also includes a full range of website that aren't at all appropriate for children, and the control over the access to the sites can be restricted with the help of Control Kids.

You choose what they can do

With Control Kids the user will be able to choose which kind of contents is restricted, explicit sex sites, casino/betting, violence and other similar themes.

As well as being able to restrict the access to specific kinds of websites, Control Kids also allows to see what websites have been visited and even everything that has been written with the keyboard.

Another option allows by Control Kids is to restrict the kind of download that can be carried out, with the possibility to restrict MP3, ZIP, EXE, AVI, etc.

Therefore, if you want to have control over the websites visited by your children to be able to know at all times that they are browsing securely, you only have to download Control Kids.

Requirements and additional information:

  • The trial version of the program expires after a random number of days of use, between 7 and 14.
  • It only works on Windows XP and earlier operating systems.

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