2.3.1 Download Converber for free and carry out conversions between all kinds of measurement units. Converber can deal with money, speeds, lengths, weights...
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When we work with variables that can vary from one country to another, it is always convenient to use a converter to make sure that we make no mistakes when transforming figures to their equivalents in another country. To carry out this task as quickly as possible, the best thing is to have a tool like Converber, that has the added bonus of being totally free.

  Converber is a universal converter that will allow us to carry out all kinds of conversions, whether monetary, speed, length, weight, or other more specific conversions such as electricity, mass, and thus up to a total of 33 different categories that include a total of 900 unit definitions.

  But, furthermore, Converber includes a converter editor to be able to modify any of the current conversions, and even to be able to insert our own conversions.

  Among the other interesting features of the application we have the possibility to select favourites, to access easier those conversions that we usually use most.

  So, if you work with conversions on a regular basis, and you still haven't got a tool that helps you carry them out in a dynamic and simple manner, download and install Converber.
Antony Peel
Antony Peel
Xyntec Automation Inc.
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