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Ready to become a cook? Cooking Master Life is a time management game in which we get to have fun serving up a range of dishes in various restaurants

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Lovers of international cuisine will have a great time with this fun restaurant and time management game developed by Zego Studio. After downloading the APK file, we can prepare all kinds of dishes in lots of restaurants around the world to make our hungry diners happy.

Become the master chef you've always dreamed of!

Put on your chef's hat and... off to the kitchen!

Cooking Master Life is a casual restaurant game where we must serve the dishes the customers ask for in the shortest time possible. The premise is not exactly original, as it follows the usual lines of the genre, although it stands out for its varied customers. In fact, many of them are well-known characters from popular culture.

The game is divided into levels. In each one we will have to attend to a certain number of customers. The faster we serve the dishes, the more tips they will leave us. Money will be fundamental, as it will allow us to buy new appliances or improve the ones we already have to be even faster.

A highly addictive cooking game that will give you the best digital cooking experience.

We will start by managing a humble donut and milkshake stand, but as we progress along the board, we will be unlocking other restaurants, where we will be able to prepare other dishes with recipes from all over the world, such as a hamburger joint or a meat grill. This is a very fun game... although playing it makes you very hungry!

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Laura Stutt
Laura Stutt
Zego Studio
3 months ago
131.2 MB

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