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Cops N Robbers is a first-person multiplayer and collaborative shooting game with simple but very enjoyable graphics, fun and with a very agile pace

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The possibilities currently offered by Internet connections and increasingly powerful devices in terms of games are very broad. Multiplayer games use them and in fact we have seen real phenomena, technically speaking, such as Fortnite shooters or Call of Duty: Mobile. But it is not necessary to make a hyper realistic and demanding game in terms of hardware to epathetize the gamer. The example is Cops N Robbers.

Simple graphics for a FPS with rhythm and a lot of fun

This is a first-person shooter game in which we are part of a team of players that will have to face another one in a collaborative mode, in the purest Counter-Strike style. The graphics do not exude hyperrealism but rather remind us of badly drawn LEGO dolls.

But this does not contradict the gameplay and fun it is able to offer: fast pace and great gameplay that allows us to launch the game and in seconds be riddling all our opponents:

  • Different game modes like PVP, deathmatch or hide & seek.
  • Dozens of different maps.
  • Integrated chat.
  • Possibility of activating the automatic shot.
  • More than 50 weapons available.
  • Customizable characters with all kinds of costumes and protective armor.
  • Skins editor.

If you like shooting games that go directly to the point and you are not interested in the grandiloquent arguments or all the hype generated around some Battle Royale there is no doubt that Cops N Robbers is your game.

Requirements and additional information:
Shay O’Toole
Shay O’Toole
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