Counter Terrorist-SWAT Strike Android


Wipe out all the bad guys in Counter Terrorist-SWAT Strike, an action-packed shooter game for Android. Pick up your gun and set out to hunt down terrorists

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Counter Terrorist-SWAT Strike is a game for your Android device in which you'll play the role of SWAT team member to try to wipe out a bunch of enemies that will also try to kill you whether with guns or knives. Sounds original, doesn't it?

Classic yet powerful weapons.

This Counter-Strike look-alike comes along with two game modes: easy and hard as hell. There's no need to lie about it. In both cases, you'll have to complete each scenario to be able to get onto the next one. In turn, on each level, you'll have to wipe out every single terrorist until there are none left.

The controls are very simple: you can rotate the screen with your finger (provided that you're not shooting) and then there's a sort of joystick that you can use to move around and a button to aim. Your hero will shoot all by himself, os you won't have to worry about that.

The developers are fans of classic FPS games, and they've put a lot of effort into bringing this adventure to our mobile devices.

As you gradually fulfill your objectives, you'll earn more and more money that you'll invest in new weapons that get even better and more powerful as you advance. You'll start off with a free MP5 sub-machine gun, a handgun and a knife for when you run out of ammo but you can purchase decent stuff like an AK47 or a sniper rifle.

How to get unlimited money?

You can download and install this APK file to play but you can also download an APK mod if you're looking for a hack that provides you with never-ending money. A simple search on Google will offer you the pirate version of the game. What a cheater!

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 2.3.
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