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Change the icon of your folders with Cover Thumbnailer. Now you will be able to see their contents in the folder icons. Download Cover Thumbnailer for free

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Cover Thumbnailer is a simple script written in Python with which you will be able to see the contents of your photo and image folders using the Nautilus explorer. With Cover Thumbnailer you will be able to recognize the contents of your folder by means of its icon.

Once installed on your computer you will be able to observe how the icons of the folders have been changed while your browse. With Cover Thumbnailer you will see a thumbnail of the files that it contains. This makes it easier to browse the different system folders in a more visual and intuitive manner. Some reasons to use this application are:

  • Developed in Python using the GPL license. Use it for free and modify it however you want.
  • Generate the thumbnails automatically.
  • Wide range of languages available.

Cover Thumbnailer is useful for folders that include images and audio files like albums. In this case the program will look in the corresponding folder to find out if the image is available. If not, the program will take care of assigning an image to the folder.

An efficient and intuitive system

Download Cover Thumbnailer for free and make it a lot easier to use and handle Nautilus, by making it much more intuitive and functional. Replace the basic folder icon for one based on its own contents using Cover Thumbnailer, something that will make it a lot easier to recognize each folder.

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