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Check the covers of your favorite albums and access the lyrics of the songs they include from your desktop thanks to CoverGloobus, download it free

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On some occasions, it is the most simple application that we like most. CoverGloobus is a software that simply searches for the cover of the album that we are listening to and shows it on the desktop, in a kind of widget. Furthermore, it is compatible with a large amount of playing programs and is capable of searching for the lyrics of the songs, something that makes is a very interesting application.

  The players that are compatible with CoverGloobus are Banshee, Spotify, Rythmbox, Amarok2, Exaile, Exaile3, Listen, QuodLibet, Audacious, MPD and Songbird. Any song that is played with these programs will be automatically sought in Amazon, as the same time that the application tries to find the lyrics in the Wikilyrics and Lyricsfly. On the other hand, if you want to learn how to play all the songs, the software can also search for the score in Ultimate Guitar.

  The interface with which this software shows the covers and other information is totally customizable, allowing to modify every last detail thanks to the fact that it is designed in XML.

  To sum up, this software is highly advisable, and will surely brighten up your desktop somewhat.
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