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CoverSutra is a tool that allows to comfortably listen to music on a Mac. Download CoverSutra and have a look at all the features it has to offer its users

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We all listen to music on our computer, whether while we're browsing the Internet or chatting to our friends, editing our recent photos or playing our favorite video game.

  One of the usual problems with Apple computers is that iTunes can work perfectly as a musical library organizer, but it isn't a very practical music player, so if we want to enjoy our music like never before on our Mac we have to chose an alternative, like for example CoverSutra.

  This application will help us play an album directly after searching for it in Spotlight, it will substitute the iTunes icon with the album cover of the album we are listening to in the dock, it will allow us to control the playback by means of keyboard shortcuts, we will be able to view all the information about the song we're listening to from a mini player, that is launched as a floating window, and it will allow us to upload the information of a song we have listened to

  Discover the most comfortable way of listening to music on your Mac with CoverSutra.
Requirements and additional information:
Compatible with Leopard and Snow Leopard only. The trial version has certain limitations.
SoftJock Audio Software
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