0.3.8 CoyIM is a chat and messaging client that offers us privacy and security using the TOR network for such purpose although you can also use it without TOR
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Spyware and data theft are usual topics and our communications are the number one target for anyone looking for more information about us. Nowadays, we use many different messaging services to communicate and nobody can guarantee that those chats don't end up stored somewhere that anyone can access. With programs of the likes of CoyIM you can protect those conversations and bring them all together in the same place.

CoyIM is a development created by people from all over the world with an idea in mind: to offer safe tools. In this case, they've developed a chat client where you can bring together all your conversations. Furthermore, this software created back in 2015 is really easy to use and handle, and incorporates a very simple interface.

Main features

  • Integrated support for TOR, OTR, and TLS.
  • No additional settings, everything is integrated into the same software.
  • Possibility to disable certain functions.

We can use it without installing TOR, for which purpose we'll have to go the connection settings and disable the tor-auto proxy option. However, it's not recommendable to use it as such and it's better to install TOR if you want to make the most of all its functions.

There's another aspect to be taken into account: this software is still under development and, therefore, it hasn't undergone any exhaustive security audits regarding its code. That's why its own developers don't recommend us to use it for sensitive information just yet.

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Antony Peel
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