CPUCooL is a tool to know the temperature of your computer. Download CPUCooL for free and obtain valuable information about the hardware of your computer

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Although nowadays they have been optimized, processors and computers in general can reach very high temperatures. CPUCooL is a software application that will help us to decrease temperature and optimize how the computer works.

  Even though the chips of a PC usually have a very high working temperature, the truth is that the lower it is, the better they work and the fewer errors they cause. CPUCooL is a small application that will show us both the temperature as well as how to lower it.

  CPUCooL is a software program that many overclocking enthusiasts know very well, because it allows us to change the FSB or Front Side Bus, the element that manages to make the processors work quicker. What's more, it is also capable of optimizing how Intel and AMD processors work, reconfiguring the video cards and showing information about the hardware, that would be complicated to obtain otherwise.

  This software shows the real processor frequency, the direct temperature of the motherboard or the voltage so as to be taken into account when it comes to modifying the hardware, because they are very important identifiers that things are being done properly.
Requirements and additional information:
The trial version does not allow you to save configurations.
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