Cradle of Rome 2


Become part of the Roman Empire. Download Cradle of Rome 2, a puzzle game in which you'll have to prove your value as an Emperor with all your skill

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Cradle of Rome 2 is a game in which you'll have to solve a series of puzzles, so as to be able to obtain certain advances for each of the cities that we have take care of in the Roman Empire, to do so you'll have to fight against the clock and prove your skill when it comes to solving puzzles.

  The game is set in five different periods of the Roman Empire, in such a way that the characters that will guide you throughout the game will vary depending on the advances. The graphics and the settings are really interesting.

  As well as the main puzzles, you'll also be able to access several mini-games that will provide your adventure with some extra entertainment. To complete the full story mode you'll have to get the 28 trophies distributed throughout the adventure.

  In terms of playability, it's important to note that the full game can be controlled by means of the mouse, something that makes it even easier to enjoy this entertaining game.

  Play Cradle of Rome 2 and enjoy an original and entertaining game.
Requirements and additional information:
The trial can be played for 60 minutes.
Awem Studio
Over a year ago
This month
226.6 MB

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