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3.1.0 Crazy Browser is a web browser that allows you to work dynamically by means of tabs. Download Crazy Browser for free and enjoy its complements and features
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Each day there are more web browsers available, each one of them tries to gain some space on the market by implementing as default features some of the elements that have transformed many browser plug-ins and extension into valuable additions, like Crazy Browser.

Familiar elements

The features that have been included in Crazy Browser to try to convince the users are characteristics that most user as now very used to due to their implementation as plug-ins, like:

  • Tab-based browsing.
  • Ad-blocking.
  • Mouse gestures.
  • Extensions, support for COM objects, scripts and executable files.

But as well as all this, Crazy Browser also includes some unique innovations that are worth highlighting, like the possibility to create groups of websites, in such a way that it will be possible to open them in different tabs with a single click of the mouse, or the possibility to work with more than one screen.

Download Crazy Browser to have access to an innovating browser that includes many of the browsing features that are most sought on the market.

Requirements and additional information:
  • This download requires a ZIP compatible compressor.
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Antony Peel
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