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1.7.2 Crazy Office is a crazy game in which we will dedicate ourselves to dishing out first-person slaps to all the company bosses and our bootlicking co-workers
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We have all seen that red mist at the office when we witness a screw-up, an undeserved dressing down, or an unfair situation. But, being the civilized souls that we are, we channel that anger in the right way (more or less) to resolve the conflict. However, in this mad game, we can let ourselves be overtaken by that rage and fight it out with everyone while using the most unexpected of weapons.

Not one more hour of overtime

Release all that pent-up, work-related anger with Crazy Office, an irreverent first-person action game with minimalist 3D graphics. Our mission here is to take revenge on our unbearable boss and co-workers by smacking them around.

To play, all we have to do is move the weapon to hit the characters who cross our path and deflect the objects they throw at us. We will start the adventure with a bat, but will swiftly move on to unlock all kinds of crazy weapons, such as a police truncheon or a salami.

Get revenge on your boss!

All this makes for a very simple but attractive game that will help us release stress when we download the APK file for free. However, what's in the game, stays in the game; don't be doing this kind of stuff anywhere but on a screen.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 5.0.
Sean Mitchell
Sean Mitchell
Funny Games and Apps Studio
3 months ago
69.1 MB

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