Writing without any kind of distraction is very easy with CreaWriter because it has been developed to guarantee piece and quiet. Download CreeaWriter free

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One of the things the bothers people the most is not being able to find a peaceful environment when it comes to writing something. Peace and quiet isn't only about not being bothered by anyone, but also not being annoyed by anything and CreaWriter makes sure that no computer problems bother you.

Avoid distractions whilst writing

The amount of Messenger windows, notifications, lights and sounds that a computer can end up opening or sending is totally eclipsed by CreaWriter. The program shows a dull or semi-transparent background behind which anything can happen, but the important thing is to focus on writing. This text editor's interface is so minimalistic that even the buttons disappear when you're writing.

Everything happens in a peaceful environment, with the appropriate music and without anything else to do other than to write. The editor is so focused on writing that it doesn't even let you apply bold letters or change the type of font. Content is the important thing, and with CreaWriter, nothing will be able to bother you while you write your texts.

Antony Peel
Antony Peel
SPL Sistemas de Información, SL
Over a year ago
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