Cribr is a text processor for Windows PC that allows us to create tiny notes with which we can copy during any exam or test without being caught out

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There are all sorts of students. Those that sit in the first row, always do their homework and keep up to date with all the subjects; those that never study (or that's at least what they say), can't be bothered to go to any lessons but always pass their exams; those that don't do anything during the whole year but then spend night and day studying the week before; and finally, those that think that they can pass all their exams by using hidden notes.

This hidden notes, known as cribsheets or cheat sheets can be real works of art. In fact, we all know that typical classmate that spends so many hours putting together the most sophisticated cribs that, at the end of the day, he doesn't even need them because he's ended up learning the lesson.

A Word to create 'supporting' notes.

Well, to help these cheaters to create the best notes possible to pass their exams, there's a program called Cribr, which is basically a text processor based on Office 2000 but adapted to the generation of this kind of document.

Main features

The application comes along with everything we could possibly need for our cribs, including the following functions and features:

  • Very intuitive text editor that's very similar to Microsoft Word.
  • Possibility to edit several documents at once and even split cribsheets into different sections.
  • Live previews to edit the properties of images, tables, links and abbreviations in the most comfortable and intuitive manner.
  • Automatic summary function that extracts the most important concepts from a long text and abbreviates them so you can assimilate them as soon as possible.
  • Function to replace synonyms so nobody notices that you've copied a project or downloaded it from the Internet.
  • Text compression tools so that your notes can find in the smallest space possible.
  • Formula editor that's ideal for your maths, physics, chemistry or engineering notes.
  • Possibility to insert separators, links, graphics, timestamps, and abbreviations.
  • Dozens of templates available with the possibility to create your very own.

As you've probably noticed, you'll be able to get hold of some extra help for your controls, exams, and tests thanks to this software for Windows PC. Passing subjects at school, university or professional training exams has never been so easy.

It works on Windows XP and above, but if your computer doesn't run on this operating system, you can make use of the online version. Once you've created finishing your masterpiece, don't forget to share it with the rest of the community because somebody else might be able to make the most of it.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Windows XP.
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