Crossfading Output

Crossfading Output is a plug-in for Winamp that makes it nicer to listen to songs with that player. Download Crossfading Output to your computer for free

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One of the most used effects of all time in radio and television to make transitions, of both images and audio, is the crossfade technique. This technique allows us to gradually join different images or sounds.

  To be more exact, in audio the fade-out effect is used to make a sound gradually disappear and the fade-in to increase the sound from a song gradually. If you want to use these effects with your playlist when you listen to your music collection, you can use Crossfading Output.

  Crossfading Output is an output plug-in for Winamp that mixes the sound files played on Winamp in an optimized manner, starting a fade at the right moment of the sound file. Furthermore, it allows you to send the mix to a compressor or shoutcast.

  This plug-in accepts the following output formats: 11,025 Hz, 22,050 Hz, 44,100 Hz and 48,000 Hz, both in mono and stereo, and it allows us to control the start (fade-in) and end (fade-out) level and control of the mixing curve.
Requirements and additional information:
This download requires that you have Winamp installed.
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