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Puzzles and jigsaws come alive again with CrossMe, a game application for Android devices where you will have to use all your math and logic skills

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This Mobile Dynamix game offers a new and different puzzle game, following the style of other similar games that can be found in the Android catalog. This game is based on the Japanese nonograms (also called picross or griddlers), where we have to fill in the squares of each row and column according to the number of squares indicated on the sides. We will unlock the hidden design once we have "painted" the drawing of each level, leading us to the next level.

Learning to play is easy, but you will need logical and analytical skills.

Numerical puzzles to exercise your brain

CrossMe's game is based on a very simple and minimalist ancient Japanese style. The game offers up to 1,000 puzzles with eight difficulty levels, from 5x5 to 90x90.

To solve puzzles we have to think, painting squares at random places will not work. We can "paint" a square by touching the screen, by double-tapping, we will mark the square as empty (Minesweeper style). Also, there are clues in case we get stuck.

CrossMe is a very entertaining game, but it needs some gameplay improvements. While in other similar games we can "paint" several squares at once, in CrossMe we must tap one square, lift our finger, and drag again, which can be quite uncomfortable. Also, the lack of music makes the experience uncomplete. The artistic design is not exactly attractive, and although this is a fun and interesting game, there are better options on the Android catalog.

Requirements and additional information:
Manuel Sánchez
Manuel Sánchez
Mobile Dynamix
This year
This year
17.1 MB

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