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CrossOver allows you to launch programs and games of Windows systems in Linux. Download CrossOver and easily launch Windows applications and games

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The amount of applications available for Windows and how familiarized the user is with them is one of the greatest drawbacks when it comes to changing our operating system. In Linux, for instance, there are plenty of programs, more than enough, but if you still miss any of the programs available for Microsoft systems you can run them by downloading CrossOver.

A Windows application launcher

CrossOver allows us to easily use Windows programs and games in Linux. You'll no longer need to create a partition expressly for the installation of Windows and to launch the programs you need. CrossOver offers you the possibility to use them in Linux environments.

Features of CrossOver

  • Commercial implementation of Wine.
  • Perfect integration with GNOME and KDE.
  • Compatible with the system's sound and video hardware.
  • Large amount of emulated libraries.

If you can't find a substitute for those Windows programs that aren't available on Linux, you should try downloading CrossOver.

Requirements and additional information:
  • The trial version can only be used for 14 days.
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