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2.16.42 Take advantage of the evolution of the human race in Crowd Evolution! an entertaining and original obstacle course game where you must upgrade the warriors
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Man began fighting with sticks and stones. But, over the years, humans invented more and more advanced, effective, and deadly weapons. Downloading the APK file of this funny game invites you to take a journey through history as you create an army on the run capable of taking on the enemy.

Run, fight, and defeat

Crowd Evolution! is a lighthearted obstacle course game with minimalist 3D graphics and a certain historical perspective. Here we will control an army that starts from primitive origins, but that will evolve as it advances.

The mechanics are straightforward as the races progress automatically. As usual, your task is to move the characters to the sides of the lane to avoid the traps and go through the advantageous doors (the green ones), that increase the number of soldiers in your army or to evolve more or less years.

You can grow and evolve your mob and defeat the enemies!

A very cool detail of this title is that, as your army evolves, its appearance changes, as well as the weapons the warriors use. Thus, they will go from carrying sticks and stones to wielding axes, swords, guns, and so on.

All this is complemented by several characters, weapons, and pets to unlock. In addition, between races, you can invest your earnings in improving your army's attributes. In short, it's small but cool.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.4.
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