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Access the Internet for free when abroad with CrowdRoaming. Avoid roaming rates when you go on holidays by downloading CrowdRoaming free for Android

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Despite the fact that roaming rates are becoming cheaper and cheaper, they are still too expensive. If you want to be able to use the Internet when you travel, you will definitely be interested in the proposal of CrowdRoaming for Android.

Connect and share, give and receive.

This application allows you to connect to the Internet when you are abroad, using the connection of nearby CrowdRoaming users. Anyone can offer a limited part of their data plan to other users, so that the latter can make the most of the Internet wherever they are, without worrying about their phone bill.

Features of CrowdRoaming

CrowdRoaming transforms its users into Internet mobile access points. The application connects two handsets to share their connection and reduce the roaming expenses.

  • Establish a maximum amount of data to be shared.
  • Secure and without connection speed losses.
  • Only compatible with certain mobile phones.

There is a clear communitarian and altruist philosophy behind CrowdRoaming. According to many studies, the average user doesn't even use up 50% of the data plan contracted. CrowdRoaming is perfect to redistribute that unused capacity among all the community's members.

Share what you don't use.

Whether you travel and you want to use the Internet for free or you are interested in offering part of your data connection to foreign users, download CrowdRoaming free of charge.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 2.3.
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