Crux P2P

Crux P2P is a file exchange program that connects to several P2P networks. Download Crux P2P free now and share your files efficiently from your computer

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Crux P2P is a very complete P2P program that will connect to practically all networks. Plenty of file exchange applications have appeared over the years, but very few of them make the most of the eDonkey/eMule, Gnutella and Gnutella2 network at the same time. Crux P2P is one of them and the truth is that it has an excellent performance.

  The advantage of using several P2P exchange networks is due to the fact that the software is capable of searching in all of them and downloading different parts of the same file simultaneously. Thus, you will have the power of some of the best P2P networks available.

  The Crux P2P search engine is really powerful and, although it doesn't stand out due to its speed, it does offer a lot of information about the downloads. Whether as icons indicating the quality of the file or by means of information files to show the video resolution or the amount of people that have the download available.

  Like many P2P programs, Crux P2P includes a tab to chat with other users in search of help or to look for a specific file. It also includes a timer and several configuration options that will allow you to make the most of several connections.
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