Cryptocat provides us with greater security to chat as it encrypts our messages. With Cryptocat you won't have to worry if they intercepted by third parties

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News about intimacy infringements on the Internet have led to the proliferation of the demand of systems that guarantee secure communications between Internet users. If you're looking for one of them, you can choose to download Cryptocat.

Encrypt your chat messages

Cryptocat is a very simple and easy-to-use instant messaging program for all sorts of users, that also provides us with great protection in the encryption of messages. It works as a browser add-on and the messages are encrypted before leaving your computer, so that, even if they are intercepted on the Internet, nobody will be able to read them. To access it you only have to click on the icon on Firefox's lower add-on bar.

Don't let anyone else read your messages.


  • Instant messaging system with message encryption.
  • Runs as an add-on for the web browser.
  • Change your availability to chat status.
  • Desktop notifications.
  • Possibility to activate audio for notifications.

Cryptocat is secure, but...

We have to take into account that, although Cryptocat makes your messages almost invulnerable, it doesn't do miracles. In other words, it doesn't prevent your messages from being traced, neither does it prevent you from being the victim of keyloggers on your computer or that you talk to people with evil intentions, therefore, your security will ultimately depend on you.

Add an extra security layer to your communications with Cryptocat.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Requires Firefox.
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