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Cryptomax WipeData will help you to eliminate all those files that you don't need. Observe how easy it is after you download Cyptomax WipeData on your PC

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It often happens that as time goes by, a large amount of files containing confidential information stored on the computer builds up, and due to the new data recovery tools it is no longer as simple as it was to eliminate files to get rid of such data, you need to resort to a program like Cryptomax WipeData to make sure that there is no way it can be recovered.

Clean your hard drive

Cryptomax WipeData doesn't have an interface in itself, only a guided assistant in which you have to select the file or the folder that you want to eliminate, choose between a conventional elimination with a single cleaning sweep or if, on the contrary, you want to overwrite the area multiple times with data to make sure that you completely eliminate the file.

To avoid possible mistakes or the erroneous elimination of any data, Cryptomax WipeData asks for verification twice before starting to eliminate the data, giving the user the opportunity to make sure that the proper files have been chosen.

Therefore, if you need a tool with which to make sure of eliminating confidential data from your computer without incurring in any risk of them being recovered, download and install Cryptomax WipeData.

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