Crystal XP

Bricopack 3.0 Crystal XP offers the chance to change the interface of your Windows XP to provide it with an amusing aspect. Crystal XP has icons from the Linux interface
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Crystal XP makes it possible to modify the Windows XP interface to give it a more entertaining and cheerful aspect. If you are tired of seeing the same icons, menus and windows, this application will surprise you. Crystal XP will manage to make sure that when you turn on your computer, you won't recognize your Windows XP. You'll find changes that make the interface a lot funnier and more entertaining.

Liven up the Windows XP interface

To accomplish this transformation, you'll only have to install the application. When the process finishes, Crystal XP will ask you to reboot the system. When Windows XP opens once again nothing will be like before. You'll find a grey desktop with an elephant and a penguin, a start menu with new icons and menus that are totally changed. All these new elements make the interface happier, more varied and entertaining.

Crystal XP also allows you to configure all the elements to your own liking. You'll be able to choose other icons, and select what you want to change. And if you get tired of the theme, you'll easily be able to uninstall it. Transform your copy of Windows XP, and give it a more cheerful touch with Crystal XP.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Only works on Windows XP.
Antony Peel
Antony Peel
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