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If you usually work with loads of CSV files, full of almost never-ending data tables, Csv File Search can be very useful to find elements within them

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Searching for contents within tables of data had never been so easy until the arrival of Csv File Search. With this practical, although not very eye-catching, tool you can search for any element within loads of different CSV files at the same time.

Easy for beginners, flexible for advanced users.

Intuitive search tool for CSVs

You only have to indicate a route and one or several search criteria and, after hitting Enter, the program will search among all the CSVs in that folder, and its subfolders, for the term or terms that you indicate, showing the results in table format. Furthermore, straight from Csv File Search you'll be able to open each file with Excel or whatever other program you've configured for such purpose.

The best thing is that each one of the CSV files can be totally different, each one of a different length and different number of columns, and using different separators, whether commas, semicolons or tabs.

Requirements and additional information:
  • This program is free for non-commercial purposes.
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