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Cthulhu needs you and in Cthulhu Virtual Pet you can take care of him. Look after his weight, don't let him fall ill and make sure he doesn't everyone up

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Pou? Tamagotchi? What's up with your?! The best virtual pet is Cthulhu! You can finally take the deity created by Lovecraft to your phone to took look after and take care of him as he deserves.

The most Lovecraftian 8 bits you've ever seen

Cthulhu Virtual Pet is a very worthy tribute to Lovecraft's works and is here to make sure you finally become responsible of anything that depends on your care. In this case, your tiny Cthulhu, that god that looks like a sea monster and that was born from the afflicted imagination of a New England writer, needs your help.

Cthulhu is also sensitive and vulnerable... Look after him!


  • 8-bit retro graphical aspect.
  • Look after his energy and health bars to make sure he doesn't eat up the entire population.
  • Make sure he works out so not to end up weighing 130 tons.
  • Clean up all his mess.
  • Make sure he doesn't fall ill, otherwise he'll become very sad.
  • The population increase when Cthulhu is happy.

Remember: if you ignore him he'll start eating people up and we imagine that you don't what that happen.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 2.3.
  • Offers in-app purchases.
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