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Cubic chess is a chess game with cubes that includes new variants to the traditional game system. Discover them after you download Cubic chess free

New variant of classic chess

October 4, 2011
6 / 10

Traditional chess has found a new game mode in Cubic chess, being a very interesting option if you are tired of traditional chess. In Cubic chess the traditional figures are substituted by cubes that contain the images of all the chess pieces distributed on their different faces.

Discover a new 3D chess mode

Essentially the game is the same as the original as the variant that each piece that you manage to eliminate that isn't a pawn will now offer the possibility to be used in your favor. These pieces are included in a specific stock that is visible on the right of the game screen. You will be able to choose one of your pawns and transform it into that pieces to power up your army. The cubes have the value of a piece that is visible on the top.

You can choose what color of playing pieces you want to use, as well as the colors of the board. In this way, you will be able to customize the interface and make its appearance more personal. Discover a new way to play chess with Cubic chess. Download Cubis chess free, challenge the computer or another player and be the first to kill the opposite king to win.

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