Curved Spaces


Curved Spaces is an educational program capable of recreating a universe that is curved upon itself in 3D. Download Curved Spaces free to test your designs

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Studying and analyzing the behavior of any matter or wave under specific and very special conditions can be something necessary for students and teachers alike. Furthermore, many times simulating how an element (light, for example) coils physically on itself, is something very difficult that can only be imagined if Curved Spaces represents it.

  This software can recreate a 3D universe that is manifold, something that is nearly impossible to imagine and the calculations of which can be extremely difficult. An example similar to the Bottle of Klein, the calculation of which are a real problem. Something easier to understand than this concept would be various mirrors reflecting one another.

  Curved Spaces is a clearly educational software, where various kinds of different three dimensional varieties can be simulated. The program can be configured by the user, that will be able to represent any element of his choice thanks to the use of algorithms and the application's engine.

  So, now you know, that if you physics knowledge is advanced enough, maybe Curved Spaces will help you to get your data straight and better understand your results.
Requirements and additional information:
This download requires a ZIP compatible compressor.
Scott McLure
Scott McLure
Jeff Weeks
Over a year ago
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