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Let yourself be taken into an amazing cyberpunk world when you play Cyber Fighters, a stunning mobile game that combines action, combat, and RPG elements

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After World War III in 2077, North America was divided into five regions that converged on the city of Detroit. Agreements among the states failed, which led to anarchy in a city that was forgotten. Now criminal gangs fight to exercise their power, but five cyber warriors will bring order.

Ready to immerse yourself in the cyberpunk world with endless battles and fast-paced action?

The guys at ZITGA release a frantic action game with RPG touches and exciting and original button-mashing battles. You have to choose among five unique fighters and get involved in destroying enemies in exquisitely designed cyberpunk scenarios.

Destroy your enemies by mashing buttons

Cyber Fighters is an action and combat game with a striking visual style that mixes shadows with lights, cyberpunk aesthetics, and titles starring Stickman. You will enter a cybernetic universe where you have to destroy your enemies in a vortex of movements, attacks, and special skills.

Fight your way because you can choose among five unique cybernetic fighters with different skills and battle styles.

To play, choose one of five heroes with different powers, combat styles, and weapons, such as a hammer of thunder, a lance of energy, or a thermal sword. The combat system is straightforward: all you have to do is move your character on the screen and touch the different buttons to execute the different attacks as they become available.

This game works without an internet connection, includes many complements to personalize your heroes, and has a multiplayer game mode to face other PvP combats. Without a doubt, it is worth downloading the APK file if you are a fan of this genre.

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Susana Arjona
Susana Arjona
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This year
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