Cyber-Wing is a real-time spaceship battles simulator. Download Cyber-Wing and experience incredible missions where strategy is the key to victory

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One of the first real-time strategy games was Herzog Zwei, created during the 90s for the Sony MegaDrive. If you liked this title, which was the predecessor of other video games that belonged to the same genre like Dune II, download Cyber-Wing and submerge into the spectacular world full of naval battles.

  Cyber-Wing is a multiplayer real-time strategy and action video game hybrid, that captures in 3D the full essence of different kinds of spaceship battles.

  Some of the features of Cyber-Wing are:
- Online Action/Real-Time Strategy video game with 1vs1 and 2vs2 multiplayer options.
- Great quantity of battles and missions developed in all kinds of scenarios: deserts, industrial areas, frozen areas, islands, jungles,...
- Mission Mode in which a single player has to complete a series of different missions or Skirmish Mode where you have to invade your enemies bases.
- Possibility to choose the perspective: In first person controlling a robot or third person controlling a ship.
- Includes eight different kinds of units, that will allow to establish a great variety of strategies.
Requirements and additional information:
The games demo doesn't includes all the weapons and units.
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