Take full control of your computer's printer thanks to Cyberprinter. Find out everything that it is used for once you download Cyberprinter to your computer

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Printer ink is one of the most expensive liquids in the world, even more than petrol. Because of this, controlling everything that has to do with the printer is very important, specially if we are talking about cybercafes, offices or public places. If we want to know at all times what is happening with our printer, Cyberprinter is the ideal tool.

  With this program you can control data such as the document's name, number of printed pages, copies, name of the printer, date, time, PC name, user name, printing color, size of the page,... everything is registered by the logs that can be viewed, although these logs can be protected by password. Furthermore, it is possible to restrict or cancel printouts remotely.

  Moreover, Cyberprinter is perfect to use on networks, because by installing the server application on the computer where the shared printer is installed, it will take care of compiling the data and storing it. On the rest of the computers we will install a client application that will manage any task related to the printer.
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The trial version doesn't allow you to export logs.
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