Cygwin emulates how Unix works on a Windows based PC. Download Cygwin for free now and access the Unix tools from the Windows operating system in seconds

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The majority of users choose Microsoft Windows as their operating system, but one of the things that thwarts some of the users is when they decide to try other operating systems like Mac or Unix. Normally one of the most frequent reasons is to come away from their usual operating systems.

  If you want to keep on using Windows, while you learn how the Unix System (on which Linux is based) works, download Cygwin now.

  Cygwin is an application that runs on you usual Windows system, simulating a Unix environment, providing a command line interface and allowing you to access many of the Unix utilities, exactly the same as you would do natively.

  To start installing this environment all you have to do is run the launcher, that will start downloading from one of the links available. After this, we'll be able to select among a large array of packs to see what we want to install like GNOME, KDE, Python, Perl, and other audio, security, mail and graphic utilities.
Requirements and additional information:
This download is an installation launcher that requires an active Internet connection to correctly install.
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