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2018 1.4.10

Daily Horoscope Plus - Free daily horoscope 2018 is an app to check your horoscope. You've only got to define your star sign to access the information

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There are some really mystical people out there. One day, somebody looked up to the sky and thought that those balls of fire were predicting the future. And that's how the horoscope was probably born. How was a bunch of stars millions of light years away on your birth date? Anyhow, reading our horoscope gives a certain feeling of comfort and safety, and that's why we shouldn't be surprised about the presence of applications such as Daily Horoscope Plus - Free daily horoscope 2018 for Android so that you can always carry around all your most accurate star-sign predictions.

The most precise star-sign predictions.

Daily, weekly, and annual predictions

The first thing to do is choose the star-sign you wish to look up. Once there, you can examine all sorts of information about the latter:

  • Features of that sign.
  • Annual prediction.
  • Monthly prediction.
  • Today's prediction.
  • Tomorrow's prediction.

Apart from finding out what the future has in store for your, the monthly and daily prediction are completed with statistics between 1 and 5 stars that measure your average in love, work, money, and health. Not enough? Well, there's more to it. With Daily Horoscope Plus you can include a screensaver on your multimedia device that offers you plenty of information about your zodiac sign without having to open the app. Furthermore, if you fill in all your data, you'll find out how well you'd mix with certain celebrities that figure in the database of this tool.

Daily horoscope, lovelife predictions, advice according to your star-sign and compatibility.

Read quotes and phrases regarding your horoscope, browse through all sorts of articles sorted by topics (new, sensual, love, fun, personality and work) and check your compatibility with another person according to your signs. You can download the APK file completely free of charge and without needing to turn to Nostradamus.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.1.
  • Offers in-app purchases.
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