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Dangerous Fellows is a dating simulator shaped as a conversational adventure game set in a zombie invasion. We have to say it: the concept is just insane

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Any excuse is good to develop a conversational adventure; that much is clear to us. The story in Dangerous Fellows is that the Earth has been taken over by a legion of zombies... And the best part is that this is a dating simulator: your progress in the game and your choosing the best answers don't have anything to do with saving your life but rather with flirting with the super good looking young men who fight against the zombie invasion. Is it or is it not just bonkers?

Play your cards right and get a romantic date

In this visual novel, your character will be rescued by a brave and beautiful survivor of a zombie holocaust like the lonely soldiers in The Walking Dead. You will have to take the conversation in the direction you want it to go... your final goal is to date!

There are five attractive guys, so play your cards well and see which one you keep. In fact, forget about zombies and focus on what's important: getting a romantic date even if the world around you is about to explode.

The game has manga and anime aesthetics, the works! Download it now, especially if you think you would have a romantic date in a zombie invasion—a game very much of this day and age.

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Susana Arjona
Susana Arjona
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