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Hello Neighbor's success has led to clones popping up like Dark Riddle. Just like the original, you go into your neighbor's house and discover their secrets

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Are you familiar with Hello Neighbor? I sure am. This indie adventure game with touches of terror was so successful that it has crossed all platforms and sold thousands of copies.

Dark Riddle follows the same storyline, at least as far as the basics are concerned. The adventure begins in front of your neighbor's house. You'll have to get inside his house and discover the secrets he's hiding in his basement. You'll find traps, obstacles, puzzles and a lot of locked doors. However, it also includes an original plot. The graphics aren't as good, nor does it work perfectly, but when you add aliens, lazer guns, interdimensional portals and video camera systems, what happens? It only gets better, of course!

What's your neighbor hiding so carefully? Find out.

Key features

Enjoy an adventure game that is unoriginal and different at the same time by downloading this APK:

  • First-person graphic adventure with an interactive environment.
  • Search for objects that might be useful during your adventure.
  • There are sequences of puzzles and enigmas to solve.
  • You'll find the most bizarre characters like a police officer or an alien device dealer.
Requirements and additional information:
Laura Stutt
Laura Stutt
Nika Entertainment
3 months ago
112.2 MB

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