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Work with databases in DBF format with DBF Explorer. View and edit the old databases in DBF format once you have downloaded DBF Explorer for free on your PC

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DBF Explorer is an application that has been specifically designed to open .dbf files, the DBF format was first developed in the '70s. In that era, the first batch of computer applications started to see the light of day and, due to this, also the first databases, many of which were created with dBase that used the DBF format.

Work with databases in DBF format

Although it has been a long time, there are still databases that use the DBF standard, and that is the main reason why DBF Explorer can come in very handy. The different versions of dBase were a really big success in the '80s. This success lasted for many years, but with the launch of Windows, with its GUI (Graphical User Interface) the format that we can view with DBF Explorer lost popularity and followers.

Despite this fact, the specifications of the DBF standard are still valid for many developments, so using structured databases designed with dBase and viewing them with DBF Explorer isn't incompatible with functionality and optimization.

Furthermore, dBase Plus is still on the market and is used in companies all over the world, so it's always possible that we may need DBF Explorer to open one of these documents.

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