DC++ Acceleration Patch


DC++ Acceleration Patch is a tool to accelerate the downloads with the DC++ client. Download DC++ Acceleration Patch for free and optimize your downloads

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DC++, the most used client to share and download files from Direct Connect networks, is well known due to its stability and the speed with which we can download any file. But it is still possible to get a better performance from it, optimizing the download speed and making the applications workload lighter for the system.

DC++ Acceleration Patch is a small utility with which we will give that extra speed to DC++. All we have to do is install it on our computer, select our new adapter from the list, launch DC++ from the application and click on the activate button. Once this is down, we will experience an improvement to our favorite Direct Connect client.

Main features

  • Reactivation of paused downloads.
  • Search for new sources.
  • Autosave the DC++ configuration.
  • Automatic elimination of corrupt and erroneous files.

Make the most of DC++ with DC++ Acceleration Patch.

Requirements and additional information:
  • You have to have DC++ installed in your computer for this download to work.
Antony Peel
Antony Peel
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