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Use your wits and the clues left behind by the victims to survive a week next to the cursed painting of a little girl in the horror game Death Palette

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A cursed painting. A sinister girl. A painter. Many deaths. Will you be the one to finish her off or will you become part of her collection of victims?

Matsuro Palette: a whole palette of deaths

Death Palette is an extraordinary psychological horror game in first person and with 2D hand-drawn graphics where you will become a painter. Not knowing very well how, you have been given the job of finishing a painting... but it won't be long before you learn that your predecessors have died under strange circumstances.

In fact, your mission is to escape from the painting studio and the cursed painting, but death awaits you behind every wrong decision. One wrong step and your fate will be sealed. And you must never, never let the girl get angry.

The game mechanics involves searching the gloomy scenery for objects and messages left for you by the other painters. However, some of the hints they give you may be false clues (something you will soon discover). You must also solve puzzles and paint through a mini-game of skill.

This game traps you in a gloomy studio for seven days where you must deal with the cursed painting of a girl and use your wits to survive.

Overall, this is an exquisite title that manages to convey an eerie and creepy atmosphere from the first minute of gameplay. And not only its graphics are a marvel, but also its delicate soundtrack. Without a doubt, fans of this genre would do well to download the APK file.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.1.
  • Offers in-app purchases.
Susana Arjona
Susana Arjona
6 months ago
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