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Debbu is a completely free service from India with which we will be able to enjoy movies and TV series stright from the screen of our Android devices

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Maybe you came here expecting to find, I don't know, a photo editor or an app to make shopping lists, who knows. The roads of the Internet are stormy and that's why what you will find in Debbu is an app to watch TV series and movies for free.

A selection of audiovisual content aimed at India

The protagonists of this application are undoubtedly Indian users. Here they will find the most popular movies and TV series in the Asian country, regardless of whether they are local or international productions.

The contents are divided into categories depending on whether they are movies or TV series and users will be able to find all kinds of information about them. But what will interest them most is that they can play everything for free and without having to download any other app, all thanks to its integrated player.

It is especially suitable for anyone who does not want to jump through the hoops of a paid service, but let's not fool ourselves: it does not offer anywhere near the quality of these in different aspects. And as far as free services are concerned, it is not the most outstanding app, but it will serve to quench your thirst for movies and series when you have no better alternative (in English, of course).

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