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Decompose is a practical tool that allows to extract objects or people from photographs. Download Decompose and extract isolated figures of your images

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Despite the fact that professional image editors have a tool with which we can isolate the different elements that form part of a photograph, the result is never perfect, that is why a tool like Decompose comes in so handy.

  This simple application simplifies the process with which we extract an object from an image, we will simply have to mark the outline (draw a mask) of the figure that we want to isolate and wait for the program to do the rest, in a way that is a lot simpler than using the "magic lasso" from Photoshop, for example.

  Once we have extracted the object that we want, it will be possible to export the result to standard image format, so that we will be able to use the isolated image with any other application.

  If you were looking for a practical and versatile tool to separate an object from within an image, without having to spend hours editing, try Decompose as soon as possible.
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The trial version adds a watermark to the images.
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