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Keep your files safe at all times thanks to Déjà Dup, a minimalist backup manager that is capable of creating backups of your files and restoring them

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Déjà Dup is a backup manager that is as simple as it is powerful. Once installed and launched, Déjà Dup shows a really minimalist interface. Only two options are available to the user: creating a backup and restoring it.

  Thus, the first step will be to create a backup of whatever we want. With the possibility to choose between the full system or some folders. Once the backups are performed, we will be able to save them anywhere on the disk on external storage devices or even services like Amazon S3.

  Once we have configured the backups of the files that we want, we will be able to encrypt the files to maximize their security. On the other hand, it's possible to carry out copies that only include some folders and sub-folders, with the possibility to select exactly what we want each copy of.

  Déjà Dup is a rather complete software application that avoids the complicated interfaces that are included in most developments from the same group, thanks to this fact it has been chosen by many Linux distributions to become the backup software that they include by default.
Requirements and additional information:
Some parts of this software are shown in the language in which the operating system is configured.
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