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Feel the power of car battles in Demolition Derby 3, an exciting game for Android devices where you will have to destroy other cars with your own vehicle

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There is something about destruction that amazes people. Beer Money Games Studio! has developed this game for Android where we will have to destroy the rival cars by crashing and smashing them. Car battles continue in the third chapter of this saga.

The pleasure of destroying cars

Demolition Derby 3 offers two main game modes: multiplayer car races and fast games or "derbies", where you will have to destroy the rest of the vehicles with your own car by crashing them down. And the same thing will happen in racing since, as we crash into other cars or different obstacles, we will see how the different parts of our car become detached and stop working.

Find nearby gas stations where petrol products are available.

We have up to 20 circuits and several demolition tracks to enjoy the massive destruction. To drive our car, we can choose from three different types of controls (steering wheel, steering arrows or gyroscope) and first or third person cameras.

When we are not destroying vehicles, we can buy new cars to add to our garage or improve the ones we already have with different parts. And we can even customize the painting and decorate the cars to our wishes. Of course, in order to make these modifications, we will need coins, which are earned by destroying our opponents' cars and winning races.

The three-dimensional graphics are beautifully designed with realistic features, ideal for getting us into this addictive environment of destruction. If you have always wanted to participate in car battles, download this game's APK file and let the destruction begin.

Requirements and additional information:
Manuel Sánchez
Manuel Sánchez
Beer Money Games!
Over a year ago
More than a year ago
129.5 MB

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