DeployMaster is a program designed to create installers for applications. Create the installer for any of your projects once you download Deploy Master

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When it comes to creating an application or project, one of the most important things to take into account before launching it on to the market is the installer, because the easier it is for the use the more probable it will be for them to speak well of the product. Like the installers created with DeployMaster.

The interface of DeployMaster is clearly divided into sections, in such a way that it is clear what the purpose of each of them is, and what's more, the program highlights in pink the areas that it is essential for the user to fill in to be able to create the installer.

DeployMaster has many noteworthy features, but it is worth paying special attention to:

  • Selection of platforms: it will be possible to indicate the versions of Windows the software is compatible with.
  • Creation of installers in other languages, because it allows to fill in the corresponding texts.
  • File system, where it will be possible to select what and where the files will be installed on the system.
  • Creation of portable applications.
  • Select the .NET Framework prerequisites of the application and to install them if they aren't already present. What's more, it allows to install additional applications once the program installation has finished (i.e. DirectX,...).
  • And a lot more...

Therefore, if you want to create your own installers for your projects, all you have to do is download DeployMaster.

Requirements and additional information:

  • The trial version is fully functional, the only thing that it does is add a remind to the installer specifying that it can't be distributed.

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