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Desk Drive avoids having to open Windows Explorer to access a hard drive. Desk Drive creates direct access icons for the connected drives and computers

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One of the recurring problems of Windows is that unless you access a DVD or external hard drive as soon as its places in the drive or connected to the computer, you will have to open the Windows Explorer to access the information that it contains. This will no longer be necessary thanks to Desk Drive.

Automatic direct access icons

How Desk Drive works is very simple, because once the software is activated it will start creating direct access icons for the hard drives connected to the computer, be it hard drives. Optical discs or Flash units.

As well as creating direct access icons to all the drives, it also create icons to access remote computers that are connected to the PC, in such a way that you will be able to access the information from those computers from the desktop itself.

The truth be said, Desk Drive hardly offers the user any options at all, because it limits itself to specifying which direct access icons to create, the possibility to remember the position of each of the icons or if it has to activate together with the system.

Download Desk Drive free to avoid having to open Windows Explorer to access the information on your hard drives and external storage units.

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