DeskHedron increases the workspace of your desktop. Download DeskHedron free and discover the advantages of working with virtual desktops on your computer

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Virtual desktops allow you to work simultaneously with multiple applications in an organized manner, but with an advantage in comparison with other methods: we can keep each one of these desktops configured independently, and thus gain workspace.

Change your desktop for a 3D interface

Thus, it is possible to have on each desktop, the shortcuts, and specific tools that we need for each job. One of these functional applications is DeskHedron, that offers us an innovative interface with 3D transitions when we change from one desktop to another.

DeskHedron is very easy to use. To change from one desktop to the next we can use the "Prev Desktop" and "Next Desktop" options of the context menu that is accessible from the system tray, meanwhile if we want to add or remove a desktop we have to use the "Desktop +" and "Desktop -" options. Furthermore, you can access functions like previews of a desktop by means of keyboard shortcuts.

If you're looking for an application that makes working with multiple virtual desktops easier, but without neglecting the aesthetic part, try out DeskHedron.

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