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Customize the wallpaper of your computer with DesktopNova: change your wallpaper automatically after a certain amount of time, download DesktopNova for free

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The desktop is the essential workspace on any operating system, the place where the user spends a large amount of time. That is why customizing and adjusting it to ones own tastes is something almost essential: if you are going to spend such a large amount of time on it, you might as well make it as comfortable as possible.

DesktopNova is a desktop wallpaper management tool for Linux. With it you will be able to change the desktop wallpaper automatically by using folders full of images. Establish how often you want your wallpaper to change in the application's options and show off with the variety of your wallpaper.


  • Establish the period after which the wallpaper will change.
  • Add various folders with images.
  • Change your wallpaper with each new session.
  • Compatible with various image formats.
  • It works on interfaces based on Xfce and GNOME.

Provide your desktop with some more variety.

Your computer and you, inseparable friends

Everyone likes customizing their operating system to feel better when using their machine. Its appearance is essential, and the desktop wallpapers are one of the most visible elements. Nevertheless, it isn't worthwhile wasting time changing the images by hand: automate the process once you download DesktopNove for free, a complete and functional image exchanger.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Works on systems based on Xfce and GNOME.
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