Destiny 2

Choose your character and save the last safe city on Earth in Destiny 2 for PC. An incredible shooter with impressive graphics and an immersive storyline

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Back in 2017, one of the best online sci-fi shooters ever seen to the date was released. We're talking about Activision's Destiny 2, which set in the future places in the shoes of soldiers who have to protect the last safe city on Earth against the invasion of different alien races.

A shooter with two game modes: PvE and PvP

Here, we'll find two game modes. On the one hand, the classic single-player mode playing against the environment. In other words, the traditional mode in which everything is controlled by the game's AI and in which we won't have to connect with anyone. On the other, the player versus player mode in which we'll take part in online matches against other players, incorporating the popular deathmatch mode that has later given way to battle royale titles of the likes of Fortnite.

Just like in the first part of Destiny, this game incorporates elements of role-playing games and massively multiplayer titles, following suite to the FPS that have been released on the market as of lately and that left classic shooters with an arcade approach way behind.

A must for any fan of science fiction and action.

  • Play the campaign mode (PvE) or the collaborative/competitive mode (PvP).
  • Choose between three kinds of guardians: hunter, titan or warlock.
  • Find alien allies.
  • Face up to all sorts of dangers and incredible enemies.

These features are represented for instance in the progression of the characters that, as we advance through the game, will acquire new skills and abilities that are essential to overcome the different situations.

Destiny 2 Forsaken: the expansion

Forsaken is expected to be released in September 2018. It's a much-awaited expansion that comes along with a new plot to extend the storyline of this stunning action-packed adventure video game.

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