Detective Masters Android Detective Masters is a detective investigation game where you will have to find clues at the crime scene and use them to find suspects and question them
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Detective Masters is a game requiring visual sharpness in which you will have to investigate crime scenes in an attempt to solve cases. The clues you find will help you fit together the pieces of the puzzle and to go after suspects that you will be able to grill in relentless questioning.

Explore the crime scene and interrogate suspects

This is a game featuring progressive difficulty in which, as we go through the levels, we will have to solve cases pertaining to different crimes: theft, murders, robberies, fraud... the starting point in all of them will be gathering evidence at the crime scene that will lead us to the suspects we need to interrogate, and then grilling them until we get a confession.

We will point to evidence using point and click in scenarios that get gradually more difficult as we progress. Once we have gotten a confession out of the culprits, we will also dispense justice by freeing the accused or sentencing them to prison and even to death (for the latter you will need to watch an ad... as you know, the good stuff is never free).

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.4.
Sean Mitchell
Sean Mitchell
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6 months ago
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