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Device ID offers users basic information pertaining to any of their devices, such as the ID, IP address, SIM card serial number, and the MAC address

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At some point, users might need the identifying number, the IMEI, or other information about their device in order to use an application, pass the info on to the help desk, or for some other use as a developer. To easily find out this information without entering complex codes, they can use a simple application like Device ID for Android that displays it all on a single interface.

Get your Android's identification information.

What information is displayed by Device ID?

Device ID makes it easier to get the following information regarding your tablet or smartphone:

  • The ID or identifier of the Android device.
  • Main associated email account.
  • IMEI number.
  • The local IP address.
  • The SIM card serial number.
  • The different MAC addresses.
  • The device serial number.
  • The fingerprint reader model.

In addition, it features a clipboard and a share button in order to directly copy and send the required information. However, we mustn't forget that we are dealing with sensitive information so we need to be careful when sharing it and consider whether it is safe to do so or not.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 2.0.
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